Senior citizens celebrate Achievement Day

The Canaan/Bon Accord Senior Citizen Activity Centre, Canaan hosted its 8th annual Achievement Day on November 30 at the Centre in Bon Accord.

It was an exciting and special day for members of the centre, as they all got the opportunity to display and sell their handmade crafts and other

items which were made during the year, as well as showcase their talents in the form of poems, songs and skits. Some of the items which were made and on display were bedroom slippers, kitchen towels, throw cushions, bed sheets, mitten sets, and clothing.

Senior citizens from activity centres Roxborough, Maryville and Pembroke were honoured guests at the event as were Secretary of Health, Dr Agatha Carrington, and Secretary of Settlement, Clarence Jacob, aslo THA representative for the area.

Carrington, in her feature address, urged seniors to take time to care for their health as well as making use of the technology to engage in productive activities to make a contribution to society even as they age and are enjoying a higher quality of life. She also stressed the need for them to become more independent.

“As you age, it is important that you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. You must pay close attention to the things that you eat. Regular exercise and sleep is also important! Taking care of your health is your responsibility and should be taken very seriously. Aging healthy is very important,” Carrington told the seniors.

“At this phase of your life, being happy is also your responsibility. Do some things that you enjoy doing and that make you happy. Your ability to always remain cheerful, contributes to a large extent on how you feel – your health. Do not compromise your own happiness by depending on other persons to make you happy. Also, part of being happy is to be at peace with one inner self. You also need to familiarise yourself and take advantage of the modern-day technology that you have available to you, such as the cell phone, the computer etc. “Remember, you may not always have your children or another person around all the time to access information for you and you would have to do it yourself. Hence the reason why you need to be self-reliant,” she added.


"Senior citizens celebrate Achievement Day"

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