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Saturday 21 September 2019
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Mobile labour unit to help job seekers

A Mobile Labour Unit has been set up to provide information on job opportunities and placements, training and education, dispute resolution, labour legislation, consultation on industrial relations practices and mediation services for communities around the island.

A n initiative of the Division of Community Development, Enterprise Development and Labour, Secretary Marslyn Melville Jack said a bus, wrapped in the colours of the Tobago House of Assembly, advertising the services, is ready and a public announcement will be made on schedule of visits to various communities which will run throughout 2018.

Melville Jack, speaking at last Wednesday’s Post Executive Council Media briefing at the Administrative Complex in Calder Hall, said the initiative would also be assisting in employment process for private sector businesses.

“The vehicle will be situated at one location as it visits each community. Tents, tables and chairs will be provided for the public where they can have an out of office experience throughout Tobago,” she said.

Asked about the cost of this project Melville Jack said:

“Ut’s not something that I thought about. I say that because it will be out during the day, so the workers are at work but within the communities, they are not being paid extra. Three

employees will be used so it would not affect the operations of the department. It will be gas for the vehicle. The only overheads I see at this time, because tables and chairs are presently available at the Division, the cost of publication of material we can assume the responsibility at the Division. I don’t see much cost really.”

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