Let’s be safe for Christmas

THE EDITOR: The Christmas season is upon us and you can feel the change in the atmosphere. At this time everyone is preparing for this season. The stores, groceries, markets, malls, churches etc are busy.

Yet in the midst of all the hustle and bustle common sense must prevail, especially in the area of safety. Christmas is also an opportune time for those involved in criminal activities to take advantage of law-abiding people. With this in mind I offer some simple reminders:

* Ensure that your house is properly secured when going out, whether shopping or to a function at night.

* Do not forget to lock your car and park in a safe place.

* Avoid exposing your valuables and cash on the streets.

* Children should be properly supervised while shopping.

* Watch where you shop. Lonely areas are a no-no.

* Always be aware of your surroundings.

* When returning to your vehicle ensure you are not being followed.

I believe these little tips can help us all to be safe this Christmas season.



"Let’s be safe for Christmas"

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