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Friday 21 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Police make me laugh, loud

THE EDITOR: It will seem inappropriate, but I have to laugh out loud at our “hard working police officers.”

They are too smart and self-important for their own good.

Recently, they helped a woman escape from prison; a murder accused also escaped, and, while they were processing a crime scene the suspect was sitting at his home only a few feet away.

Were it not for a television crime show, the police might have still been on enquiries, looking high and low for the suspect.

Now their crowning achievement for this year will be the daring robbery at Piarco Airport. I am sure the investigations into the last robbery in which a security officer was killed is still at a “sensitive” stage, meaning they have reached nowhere. Now comes this one.

Once again the police are left fumbling and bumbling since the criminals were sitting in a car just outside the police station and no one did anything.

Now I am reading that they have a crime plan which involves a special speed team.

Big time ISIS criminals are roaming this land, people are attacking people on the Beetham over a canal and the police are going after vendors, drivers and drinkers. Really silly.

The next time they think about breaking down doors for “a document” which they don’t know about or choking someone and ripping through his gate becuase he speaks out against them, I hope they remember how foolish, incompetent and utterly stupid all of them look.


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