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Saturday 22 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Mundo Nuevo Rd dangerous

THE EDITOR: A few days ago I ventured into Mundo Nuevo at the request of a colleague. I was totally flabbergasted at the state of disrepair of the Mundo Nuevo Road.

On the way from Arima down to Talparo the road was okay with a few potholes and bad patches but nothing out of the ordinary.

When I reached the Talparo junction the road divides in three. Veer right to Talparo, left through the forest and straight to Mundo Nuevo. I took the Mundo Nuevo Road because I was going to Mundo Nuevo. This is where the nightmare began.

Every turn after that I met holes, sunken road, areas filled with water where you can’t discern the depth of the pool. You had to go in faith hoping you don’t get stuck. There were parts where the road actually broke in two and one side was passable while the other side was not. It was really dangerous.

But this is the worst. There is a Ministry of Works soil-testing office at the corner of Tumpuna Road and the highway so I believe soil testing is done so that roads are constructed on land that would be able to withstand the volume of traffic.

I met two areas where the road was recently repaired because the paint on the road was very prominent.

It hadn’t started to fade as yet, but half of the road had started to disintegrate and fall away.

How are people expected to travel to do business in these conditions? It’s appalling. I haven’t been to Fairways, Goodwood Park, or St Clair for a while but I’m sure the roads to get there and the ones in those areas are in very good condition.

The Churchill-Roosevelt Highway is constantly upgraded and I have no problem with that because it’s heavily traversed. But spare a thought for the outlying areas too, please.

SHERMAN FYFE, Port of Spain

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