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Monday 16 July 2018
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Shamfa: consultations on TTTRLA key to transparency

Tobago tourism stakeholders at a consultation on the Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Regulatory and Licensing Authority (TTTRLA) Bill, 2017, hosted by the Ministry of Tourism in Tuesday at the Tobago Nutrition Co-operative Society in Canaan.

Government continues to work hand in hand with tourism stakeholders to develop Trinidad and Tobago as a leading destination and a crucial element of this partnership was the Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Regulatory and Licensing Authority (TTTRLA) Bill, 2017, was.

So said Tourism Minister Shamfa Cudjoe on Tuesday, following a consultation session with stakeholders in Tobago at the Tobago Nutrition Co-operative Society in Canaan.

Speaking with Newsday Tobago at the end of the session, Cudjoe said that consultation was key to inculcating greater transparency, participation, efficiency and effectiveness with the TTTRLA.

The consultation would ensure that a wide cross section of players in the tourism sector provide input into the main tenets that will underpin the TTTRLA, she said.

TTTRLA, one of the new tourism organisations that has been established by Government, is to have overall responsibility for quality

and standards in all segments of the tourism and hospitality industry, including accommodation, restaurants, transportation, sites and attractions.

Cudjoe said the TTTRLA will also have legal authority to create and enforce tourism sector regulations, addressing such matters as inspections, licensing, monitoring, tourism operator registration, classification and grading; and such externalities as visitor safety. The TTRRLA will also be tasked with generating additional tax revenues from the tourism sector, and providing specific guidelines on upgrading of training/skills relevant to the registration and licensing of properties, transportation (land, sea and air) and operators,” she added.

Cudjoe said consultations currently being held, follow sensitisation sessions with stakeholder groupings conducted over the last few months. “These consultation and sensitisation sessions are critical as Government recognises the tremendous importance of obtaining feedback from the players in the industry who have vested interest in the sector.

“Today’s consumers want to feel special and want to experience personalisation of service. Both public and private sector need to work towards improving Trinidad and Tobago’s products and offerings,” she said.


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