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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Fixing sexual harassment problem in TT

THE EDITOR: Our men can get away with sexual harassment charges because we women have accepted and condoned the role of being collectable sexual toys for many generations.

In 1982, calypsonian Penguin won the Road March crown with his A Deputy Essential. This golden oldie is a favourite at many a house party.

Being sexually harassed is not viewed as dangerous because some of us use both rich and poor men to advance the procurement of desirables.

“Everybody come feel-up, feel-up, everybody come squeeze-up, squeeze-up” is part of the TT joke that has been made of sexual harassment. In local parlance we accept that “all men does do it.” Some of us women even “like it so.”

Our boys have been raised to be proud sexual predators and now we turn around and condemn. It is my view that we have to be careful who we point fingers at because of the broad collective taint attached to many of our successful men.

This character flaw can be used for political fame by those who wish to exploit the reach of social media for political self-aggrandisement. Many ordinary men in the street have escaped direct scrutiny and proceed merrily with little condemnation from within their working and living circles.

All allegations should be properly cleared by both Angostura and the trade union movement which started off these investigations of harassment in the workplace. Pot cannot get away with calling the kettle black. The labour movement needs to first look within its ranks and clear pending cases before claiming any victories.

In order to realistically fix TT we need to educate our children in the early childhood schools to differentiate right from wrong regarding sexual behaviours.

It is never too many times to repeat that, in TT, image is everything and good image is equally important for all social classes.



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