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Thursday 16 August 2018
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Browne wants answers on World Cup, women’s coaches

Selby Browne, president of the Veterans Footballers Foundation, wants questions relating to the financial and administrative management of the TT Football Association (TTFA) to be answered at the local governing body’s AGM on Saturday.

The TTFA’s AGM was initially scheduled for November 25, but was postponed for a fortnight after TTFA members deemed the original hosting unconstitutional.

Initially, the TTFA invited 16 out of its 49 members to participate at the November 25 AGM, as the others were not compliant, according to a FIFA mandate.

Asked what items he may raise at Saturday’s AGM, Browne, in a telephone interview Tuesday, said, “We have raised several questions as it relates to the financial and administrative management of the TTFA. There is an entire item (on that) and we’ll have the opportunity then at the AGM on Saturday, to review the audited financial statements for 2016. That will provide some answers to the questions we initially posed at the extraordinary general meeting that was held on July 5th 2017.”

The outspoken Browne continued, “We are now at the end of 2017 but (this year’s operations) would have to be reviewed, which will include all that transpired with the (2018) World Cup preparation, with the non-payment of the women coaches (Caroline Morace and Nicola Williams) who left, with the television rights fiasco. Those questions will all have to do with the 2017 audit.”

However, Browne said, “December 31st is when the 2017 audit will have to be conducted to present to the AGM next year. The TTFA’s fiscal year is from January to December. We’ll only treat (on Saturday) with what transpired in 2016.”


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