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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Respect 1,503 Titanic deaths

THE EDITOR: As a citizen of TT I am deeply offended by your writer who used the sinking of the Titanic to make the point that the ship Trinbago is sinking, and the passengers (citizens) are having a good time. Utter crap.

May I tell the writer that not all passengers are singing, or even dancing on the ship Trinbago? Some passengers are concerned about the state of the ship, like my good self, and intend to make sure it doesn’t sink. I don’t talk patriotism. I live it.

First off, the writer has shown that he needs to go back to the school of sensitivity and common sense and say sorry for not respecting the unfortunate deaths of the 1,503 Titanic passengers. What the writer omitted is that there were heroic acts and other acts of humanity on the Titanic as the ship was sinking.

I hope the writer recognises that to use the sinking of the Titanic to naivigate TT’s political, economic and social problems, and to chastise passengers (citizens), is totally wrong. Try another ship.

Leave the Titanic alone.



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Letters to the Editor