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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Piarco now too small

THE EDITOR: Just like we have over 750,000 cars crowding our too few roads, the Piarco Airport building is way too small for the number of flights touching down, all practically at the same time.

Once you get past the insufficient numbers of immigration officers and no security personnel to monitor the crush, crapaud smoke your pipe. A friend arriving from New York on November 30, said that although there were eight officers on duty, he still took three hours to get out of the building because of the hundreds of passengers awaiting service.

Seeing that TT has been the reputed New York of the Caribbean for some years, we desperately need a facility that looks the part and can accommodate the traffic. This glorified aeroplane hangar with flags needs to be changed for a more serviceable modern design. I have moved through big regional train stations in foreign that make Piarco look like an overcrowded restaurant with too few waiters. This is the way-down-the-road effect of the billions of dollars ripped off when this poorly and cheaply designed abomination was constructed.

It will take a few more billions to get Piarco reconstructed to look like a First World airport.



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