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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Fixing things all our duty

THE EDITOR: Many middle and upper-class Trinis seem to carry on as if the deep-rooted social and economic problems of this country are for someone else to fix.

The mindset appears to be that we elect a government, which must then make all the wrongs right, without little or no impact from the citizenry.

Very wrong! We are all in this together and the average citizen must awaken out of his slumber, make sure his taxes are paid, do some charity work and even write to his/her parliamentary representative and the daily press to air his concerns and to make a contribution to the solutions we all seek on crime, the economy and the environment.

The Plastikeep issue is a great example of where we need a chorus of voices to speak out in favour of protecting the environment.

In this regard, the dry season is upon us and who is going to make the extra effort to protect our fast vanishing forest cover on the hills of Maraval, Diego Martin, Arima etc?

The Environmental Management Authority obviously needs way more resources than it currently possesses to do an adequate job in this area.

At the end of the day, middle and upper-class citizens have to realise that it is no comfort living in the penthouse if the floors below are on fire.



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Letters to the Editor