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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

CNG maxis raise fares

THE EDITOR: As expected with the rise of fuel prices in the last budget, maxi-taxi fares along the east-west corridor on the Bus Route have now been increased.

However there are a few maxi-taxis that use CNG along this route their fares have also gone up. So, I pose a question to the president of the Route II Maxi-Taxi Association and our Attorney General: Is it legal for the owners of vehicles using CNG to increase their fares due to the rise in the diesel fuel price?

The only ones I can see really benefitting here are the owners of the CNG maxis who will now make more tax-free money to take home. But I can assure you they will say the increase is justified due to higher maintenance costs, price increases for parts and labour, as well as the general higher cost of living.

If we want to promote the use of CNG as a fuel that is cheaper, more environmentally friendly and abundantly available, shouldn’t the travelling public be able to recognise or benefit from some type of saving rather than just the maxi owners making increased profits?

DEEVAN NARINE via e-mail


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