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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Canoe Bay residents shocked at murder of neighbour

Hardeo Beharry, neighbour of Tobago’s 12th murder victim for 2017, Dulalchan Lutchman, speaks to reporters at Canoe Bay on Friday.

Hardeo Beharry arrived home last Friday to find a crime scene right next to his doorstep. Beharry lives in Canoe Bay, next door to Tobago’s 13th murder victim for 2017, Dulalchan Lutchman, also called Roshan, whose decomposing body was found in the ground floor bathroom of his house at Canoe Bay.

“What I go say is that I feel very shocked and surprised to know that this occurred and I’m now hearing about it because I live right there. I live next do,” Beharry told reporters near to the crime scene. “The last time I see the guy (Luthcman) a couple days ago I thought he went Trinidad or police hold him. I passed today (by his home) about lunchtime and check the dog. The dog look okay and everything look alright but I really didn’t know it had a murder there,” he said.

Asked if it was a common practice for him to feed Lutchman’s dog, Beharry responded:

“No! I just observed that something strange was going on. So I said okay I would pass today and just throw some food for the dog and take a little look but I didn’t smell nothing and nothing was looking suspicious,” he said. Beharry he knew Lutchman’s parents very well who used to live at Canoe nay but has since died and they left him.” He said after the death of Lutchman’s parents, he (Lutchman) used” to get on like a “bad-john” but I never knew he had enemies like that.”

“Normally, when he drink his rum he does cuss and get on that’s all, but he was a cool, cool guy. I have no idea who would do that because he

never owe nobody,” he said, adding, “I saw him last week Sunday, he was doing so well.”

Motivational speaker Michael Stewart, who also lives nearby in Canoe Bay, said Lutchman’s murder was unsettling.

“We hailed every day that we passed (each other). I didn’t notice anything, he is usually by himself and to himself and he lives alone so this really comes as a surprise.

“I think this is one of the situations where crime hits close to home because it is somebody that is known and living close by. It is unsettling to think that the escalation of crime is happening at such a pace that almost everybody sooner or later is going to be touch either directly or indirectly by it. It is going to be of concern with my family as to how secure they will be in my absence from home and I think the entire community feels that way,” Stewart said, adding that he had already stepped up security measures at his home since crime had become a concern in recent times.


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