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Saturday 21 July 2018
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Taxi fare goes up in Moruga/St Mary’s

Taxi fare goes up in Moruga/St Mary's

President of the Moruga/St. Mary's Taxi Drivers Association, Anthony Athanas.

The Moruga/St Mary’s Taxi Drivers Association has announced an increase in fares by one and two dollars.

President of the association Anthony Athanas said commuters will be paying more to travel from Princes Town to Moruga.

He said an increase in gas prices and car parts as well as bad roads contributed to the decision.

“It takes up to two hours to navigate around the pot-holes and land slides from Princes Town to Grand Chemin,” Athanas said.

He also said there was a large travelling public in Basse Terre. “People make this trip on a daily basis for work and for shopping as there are no shopping centre in the Moruga area,” Athanas said.

Athanas said taxis charged passengers up to $18 or $20 to get from Princes Town to Grand Chemin and although repair work was done on the main roads in Moruga, there were many landslides which burdened taxi drivers on the route.

Taxi drivers who go as far as the Cowen Hamilton Secondary School in St Mary’s were also forced to raise their fares to $8, he said, adding that students going further to the Moruga Composite School will now be asked to pay $12.

People living in side roads along the route will also be made to pay $3 more.

“We have to charge more simple because the side road in Cachipe, Rock River, Basse Terre, Bois Jean Jean, Grand Chemin, La Lune and Marac are in terrible conditions,” Athanas said.


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