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Monday 23 July 2018
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‘Roti police’ stays

‘Roti police’ stays

Central Division police officers are placing a strategic static patrol on the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway near a well-known roti shop in Freeport to prevent road accidents that occur in that area.

A statement from the TT Police Service on Friday said since 2010, there have been 11 fatal road accidents in the area near the roti shop, resulting in 14 deaths.

Police in the Central Division has since dubbed the area the “Freeport Accident Hotspot”.

There have also been complaints from people in the Freeport area, the latest from Councillor for Freeport/Chickland, Anil Balliram.

According to the release, there have been increasing complaints of the dangers of that area and others on the highway. People have made calls to put measures in place to lessen the loss of life posed by drivers who park indiscriminately along the highway and those exceeding the speed limit on the highway.

From 2010 to now, there have been 336 deaths resulting from 279 accidents. Of those deaths, 219 have occurred on the highway.

However, for the year so far, there has been a 32 percent reduction in the number of road fatalities which occurred in the Central Division. From January to December 1, there have been 17 road fatalities, as compared to 25 in 2016.

In the release, it was said that the reduction was in no small part due to the strategic static patrols placed in the division.

The owner of the HiWay Roti Shop in Freeport last week complained that the presence of the police outside his businessplace resulted in heavy loss of sales. He demanded that the police officers be removed.


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