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Friday 21 September 2018
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Republic Laventille Netballers urged to strive for greatness

Participants and organisers at the Republic Bank Laventille Netball League Closing and Prize-giving Ceremony at the Republic Bank Head Office on Park Street in Port of Spain, on Saturday.

Motivational speaker Don La Foucade has encouraged the participants of the Republic Bank Laventille Netball League to never let challenges in life be an excuse for not striving for greatness.

He was speaking at the Closing and Prize-giving ceremony of the League at Republic Bank Head Office on Park Street, Port of Spain, on Saturday afternoon.

La Foucade said, “If you really and truly want to achieve, there should be no excuses. That’s why people don’t achieve all they could achieve – they have an excuse, and that excuse they express it and they blame people.” La Foucade told the netballers, to take control of their destinies.

La Foucade, who grew up in Laventille, said the community has produced great people and still does.

“When you find out what is valuable about you, other people will place a value on you. Great things come out of Laventille. Stop sitting down there wondering who is going to give me what. Before recognition must come responsibility.”

Special mention was made of the IATF Police Youth Group from Beetham which performed creditably in the competition, despite the negative publicity the area has been getting recently.

Awards were presented to the netballers in the A Division, B Division, Inter Division and the Beginners Division. Trophies were given to the MVPs, top shooters, League winners, American tournament winners and the March Past winners.


MVP Winners
– Shurnel Deverteuil - Cardinals, Crystal St John - Fire Youths, Shawana Wickham - Hills Girls, Anastiscia Wilson - Laventille.
Top Shooters – 1 Dionne James - Cardinals, 2 Cameisha Leslie - Fire Youths, 3 Joylyn Marcell - Laventille.
League Competition – 1 Cardinals, 2 Laventille UTD, 3 Fire Youths.
March Past – First place tie between Tamana Young Warriors and Hill Girls.
March Past Queen – 1 Malvern, 2 Tamana Warriors, 3 Valencia Eagles.
March Past Flags – 1 Malvern, 2 Valencia Eagles, 3 Tamana Warriors.

MVP Winners – Jermaine Charles - Hunters, Keshia Alexander - Malvern, Abigail Boswell - MIC, Georgia LeeGill - Ebony, Anlekeshia Francis - Fire Youths.
League – 1 Ebony - 11 points, 2 Malvern - 10 points, 3 Fire Youths - nine points.
American Tournament – 1 Malvern.
Top Shooters – 1 Aaliyah Mulrain - 105 points, 2 Sukura Biaal - 68 points, 3 Chelsea Deleice - 51 points.

MVP Winners – Niriam Lewis - Harlem, Kyra Williams - Tamana Warriors, Kenicia Phillips - Ebony, Ashia Joseph - Hill Girls, Celina Akoo - Valencia Eagles, Jada Castle - Hunters.
American Tournament – 1 Tamana Warriors, 2 Valencia Eagles.
League – 1 Tamana Warriors, 2 Ebony, 3 Harlem.
Top Shooters – 1 S Beharry - 49 points - Tamana Warriors, 2 L Noel - 37 points - Ebony, 3 L Dennis - 31 points - Tamana Warriors.

MVP Winners – Terry Ann Roget - IATF, Christine John - St Judes, Shivelle Weeks - Fire Youths, Shannon Castello - Laventille UTD, A Bernard - Tamana Warriors.
League – 1 IATF Police Youth Group, 2 Fire Youths, 3 Tamana Warriors.
American Tournament – 1 IATF Police Youth Group, 2 Laventille UTD.
Top Shooters – 1 Terry Ann Roget - 42 points - IATF, 2 T Noel - 22 points - Fire Youths, 3 Maya Roberts - 17 points - IATF.

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