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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Shameful services

THE EDITOR: As a national of TT I hang my head in shame at the negative occurrences at our protective services and other departments.

We awoke to the Vicky Boodram episode, the escape from the Arima Magistrates Court of a prisoner charged with murder, the alleged disappearance of millions of dollars from the tourism sector in Tobago, a member of the Defence Force charged with murder, and a prison officer found in possession of marijuana.

On the escape of Boodram, there is in circulation via social media a letter from the Prison Service about a court note being handed in to the prison authorities requesting the appearance of Boodram in court.

I recall in the 1990s, after the escape of a prisoner, there was a commission of enquiry headed by a retired Appeal Court judge, and it was recommended that the practice of court notes to bring prisoners before the courts should cease. It seems the practice continues.

The people need answers.



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