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Friday 13 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Sexual harassment mostly ignored

THE EDITOR: All our lives, the women in TT have been the subjects/objects of verbal abuse/sexual harassment and we have taken it in our stride. Most of us ignore it as it is an accepted TT habit. It is a given that TT men are just farse and fresh to your face. Adults laugh and say, “Since he small, he so.”

Now that sexual harassment/abuse is being recognised for what it is, perhaps it will stop in the TT workplace environment, if nowhere else.

In a Third World environment, harassment is exacerbated by the remnants of slavery and the age-old belief that females are inferior to males. There is enlightenment for the men in TT (we hope) as they look on at famous personalities being brought down by a rampant social media onslaught against sex abuse and sex harassment. It is only when the First World takes a stand that the Third World will attempt to follow suit.

Famous author Angela Landsbury recently caused a furore with the remark that some women brought abuse on themselves by playing up to what men find attractive. Landsbury needs to visit TT at Carnival time. Although it is provocative (we know deep, deep down), TT females love themselves in their three-beads-and-plenty-feathers Carnival costumes. You could be fat, thin or anything else in-between, but we hitting the road. Dare I say we like it so and be cut into pieces by the pseudo-feminists? Nakedness is increasingly synonymous with Carnival in TT.

I was 15 when a man of probably 25 said to me, “Hey little angel, look Jesus over here.” I did not know then that he was taking liberties or that he was being grossly blasphemous. Me and my friends, well we laughed for so.

And life goes on in TT.


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