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Friday 13 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Hell for all in TT

THE EDITOR: We have decent and respectable people living in all the hot spots in TT, through no fault of their own, and it is hell for them — and for all of us in our beautiful island where there is no more law and order.

Two reports in Wednesday’s newspapers stated, “Vicky disappears from prison” and “Man escapes court custody.” Really, we have to be the laughing stock of the Caribbean.

No one has been held responsible for last week’s “Beetham dwellers disruption of traffic,” or the “No show of Piarco Airport staff, causing five hours to clear Immigration.”

Neither has there been any report of those in authority losing their job for the “total policing day” that caused traffic to be blocked for hours. And of course there is the problem with travel to Tobago. Either there are no ferries or they simply break down from time to time

The money grant from the Government to Plastikeep has not been received so it is going out of business. I thought private companies were to be encouraged to diversify our economy?

This is an example of one step forward and ten steps backward, because the ministries do not seem to be able to work with private enterprise, in this case, those willing to assist in the recycling of waste.

Caterers for the school meals are not being paid on time, nor are contractors, nurses, and teachers? What is our future?


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