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Monday 16 July 2018
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Desert storm for junior Carnival

Aborigines of the Outback

For Carnival 2018, Junior Carnival band Spoilt Rotten Kids (SRK) will present its Desert Storm in the large band category at the various mas competitions.

Rise of the Sahara Warriors

The portrayal will highlight deserts of the world including in the Middle East, American Indian, Africa and Argentina.

Sinai Bedouins

The band is produced by sisters Terry Ann Roach, Christine Nunes and Elizabeth Inniss-Williams. Desert Storm is designed by Roach who loves to research festivals and places of interest across the world.

Rainbows of the Gobi

Nubians of the Sahara

Band manager Nunes said: “This year we have gone in a whole new direction and we are very excited with our wings, volume and movement; but attention to detail with the outfitting and accessories will still be very much a part of what we do.”


With the ever-increasing price hikes of almost everything due to the changing fortunes of TT’s economy, the band is aiming to keep prices at an manageable level. “We have tried our best to hold our prices down and once on the road will as usual have a music truck with us through St James, Carnival Saturday and Sunday,” said Inniss-Williams, the band’s public relations officer.

Mohave Sunset

“We continue to give back and will again entertain the residents of the All Saints Church Gordon Home For Senior Citizens at 98 Woodford Street in Newtown, at the end of the NCC’s Republic Bank Junior Carnival Parade through the streets of Port of Spain on Carnival Saturday morning. There the youngsters encourage the seniors to jump up with them, after which tea plates and refreshments are served.”

Diamonds of the Kalahari

Gypsies of the Thar

The semi all-inclusive band caters for the masqueraders aged two to 12 years for boys and girls. Available sections are Tumbleweed, Mirage, Diamonds of the Kalahari, Gypsies of the Thar, Atacama Flamingoes, Rainbows of the Gobi, Sinai Bedouins and Nubians of The Sahara. For boys from four years up sections are: Aborigines of the Outback, Rise of the Sahara Warriors and Mojave Sunset.

Atacama Flamingoes

For more info: 798-6092, 788-5622 or email at SRKCarnival@gmail.com; and Facebook SRK – Spoilt Rotten Kids.


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