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Monday 9 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Children under attack

THE EDITOR: Our children are under attack by paedophiles, who are viciously sexually abusing them. I believe that the decline in moral and spiritual values in our society is a major contributory factor to this wickedness against our children. Our children are the most vulnerable of the demographics and are therefore facing the brunt of the attack.

Some of our citizens have become monsters and vultures and while stiff penalties and swift justice will help in dealing with the situation, uplifting our moral, ethical and spiritual qualities must also be dealt with as a matter of urgency.

When a five-year-old is raped and ravished by a grown man and when a 60-year -old fondles two young children who are sent to school under his care, in the words of the calypsonians, “something has happened to the soul of our nation.” Children are inflicted with physical and emotional scars which stay with them for life.

Because the justice system is so slow, it takes years before the victim can obtain justice and if justice delayed is justice denied, many juvenile victims are denied justice in this country. That must be remedied but fundamental to this is that the wicked psyche of many of our citizens must be transformed.

We must work in our homes, schools, churches and socialising institutions to build a psyche of love in all citizens. In many instances, the church has become elitist and preaches mostly to the converted or believers. It has to reach out and deal with all sectors of society.

Church leaders must also lead and teach by example. Too often there are alleged and confirmed reports of clergy members who are paedophiles. These officials must not forget or lose their moral and spiritual moorings.

There is a dire need for the development of positive values in our society which speak to honesty, love and spirituality. There must be a moral revival to go along with law and justice reform in TT.

TREVOR OLIVER, programme coordinator, Moms For Literacy

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