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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Art takes residence at Hillside

Former Miss World contestant and artist Daniella Walcott.

Former Miss World contestant Daniella Walcott showed off her artistic side at an exhibition that highlighted the unveiling of her modernised painting of Hillside, home of British High Commissioner Tim Stew.

The event marked the 75th anniversary of the building of the Hillside residence. The painting, done at Stew’s request, was unveiled before a large gathering of TT’s elite on Sunday. Sharon Rowley, wife of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, also assisted with the unveiling.

Stew told the gathering that the idea for the gallery and the unveiling came during a chance meeting with Walcott at an Independence Day celebration in 2016, when Walcott was TT’s representative to the Miss World pageant. During their meeting, they spoke at length about their shared passion for art. That was when Stew offered his home as a venue for her exhibition, while celebrating the Hillside’s 75th anniversary.

Daniella Walcott’s painting titled The Timeless Beauty of Stolleymeyer’s Castle

“There is a creative expression in all of us and we can make a difference in this world,” Walcott said at the event.

“I hope that while you view my paintings you will be able to see the light that was used to create them.”

Hillside, was built in 1942 by P Collens, a contractor who was responsible for the development of most of the Champs Elysée Estate in Maraval.


The house changed hands several times until 1962 when TT gained independence.

The British Government, while seeking a suitable place for its high commissioner, bought the house for Sir Norman Costar. Since then Hillside has housed 16 high commissioners.


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