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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Mode Alive: We bring value

Mode Alive CEO Gary Aboud shows off some of the items he has on sale at his newly-reopened Valsayn branch yesterday.

Colour, variety and local designs – this is what CEO of Mode Alive Gary Aboud is offering his customers.

At the official re-opening at his Valsayn branch yesterday, Aboud said people were impressed with the unusual products available.

“The colours are individual, authentic and the textiles are specially designed. We are a design company. Our competition imports products, but we design products. We do our own colour blending, toning, designs, textile designs and patterns. We design and give them to different speciality parties to produce,” Aboud told Newsday.

Aboud said he gave his designs to foreign manufacturers because there was no local market for the kind of production he was looking for.

“The modern world has become more specialised. It would be far easier for me to live in New York and survive with my specialised skill set than for me to become a cotton farmer to grow my cotton to produce textiles.

“We are a designer company and the Government is obligated to provide substantive dollar value for companies like us to be able to produce. That is the Government’s duty, not to engage in spurious projects, building projects and foreign expenditure they can’t afford, or companies that are bankrupt and continue to drain our economy to subsidise. What do we propose to do with Petrotrin when last year they lost $4.62 billion? Should we continue to pay tax to subsidise Petrotrin?” he questioned.

Aboud has 3,700 different products and over 1,000 curtain choices.

“Being a minority in this beautiful, black TT, people are quick to say importers are draining the economy.

“We bring value to the economy, we have brought tremendous value to our consumers, because we offer affordable prices. We have brought value by using innovative and modern textile. I have spent 20 years in textiles. I am 58 years old and I have almost 40 years of specialised knowledge in marketing, production and design,” he said.


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