Lessons in the removal of Mugabe

THE EDITOR: There are many lessons to be learnt from Robert Mugabe’s removal from power in Zimbabwe. In the first place, he didn’t win the last election but made an agreement for power-sharing with Emmerson Mnangagwa, whom he made his deputy president and justice and defence minister.

However, as events unfolded he rescinded his earlier decision by firing Mnangagwa and was attempting to make his wife Grace Mugabe the next president. His plans backfired in a bloodless military coup with Mugabe being placed under house arrest.

Eventually, the Mugabe era came to an end after a 37-year rule. The military that he relied to hold on to power removed him from office.

His rule was marked by violent repression of political dissent, corruption, nepotism, suppression of the free press through threats and arrests, and election rigging. He impoverished a nation. The people must now return Zimbabwe to a true democracy.

RASHEED KHAN via e-mail


"Lessons in the removal of Mugabe"

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