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Friday 13 December 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Blue Thunder strikes again

THE EDITOR: When we play sport we do not only play to win but we play for pride and honour for school, club or country. This is what a small group of girls from the “City of Gold,” Eldo Blue, fondly known in the sporting world as the “Blue Thunder,” did last Thursday.

On November 23, the Blue Thunder Girls Under 15 (GU15) football team journeyed to QRC grounds in Port of Spain to challenge Holy Name Convent (PoS) in the Secondary Schools’ Football League national finals of the GU15 Division.

Both teams were unbeaten at this stage of the competition and the anxiety that was present in our locker room could “buss ah pipe.” The coaches and management team helped to reduce this tension by motivating the team as was necessary.

If thunder had a colour, it would have been blue. Some say the Blue Thunder may have faded or lost its power, but we beg to differ. Like any great portrait, time will determine its true value and worth. Time would have it that the Blue Thunder would etch its name into the football fabric of secondary schools’ football.

At the end of regulation time the score stood at 2-1 in favour of Eldo. The opening goal came from Moenesa Mejias (Moe), national U15 and presently national U20 player and the second goal was a beauty from Shania Ross (Shin Shin), coming from a splendid cross from Cayona Patterson (Kiki). Both goals came in the first half.

The girls from “town” would have some satisfaction late in the second half when they pulled one back from a free kick on top of the penalty area which was brilliantly scored by Jessica Harragin.

A few weeks ago in the season, the princesses from the East also lifted the trophy as winners of the East Zone. When the knockout competition continues this week, they will attempt to do the treble. Hard work brings just rewards and this success is based on that principle. Due to the discipline and sacrifice of each player and the coaching staff over a two-year period this dream became a reality.

Congratulations girls, you made your school proud, you made your coaches, managers, parents, teachers, schoolmates, past students of Eldo and most of all you made yourselves proud. You continue to carry the baton of past sporting heroes of the school, because the school has a rich history in football, cricket, track and field, netball and other co-curricular activities.

Therefore, it is my only wish that you carry it with pride and honour to the next generation of sporting athletes as you yourselves move on in time. No one can take this victory from you. You deserve it and all the glory it will bring. Your names will forever be engraved on the wall of fame at El Dorado East Secondary School. Kudos!

WILFRED C EDWARDS, sport coordinator/manager and PE teacher

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