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Monday 23 July 2018
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MSJ condemns statements about Beetham residents

MSJ political leader David Abdulah


Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) leader David Abdulah says while his party does not condone acts of violence against citizens, and protestors throwing missiles at people going about their business, the party also does not condone disparaging statements about Beetham Gardens residents in the aftermath of Thursday’s event on the Beetham Highway.

At the party’s weekly news conference at its St. Joseph Village, San Fernando headquarters yesterday, Abdulah said there are politicians who have attacked people who live on the Beetham.

“These politicians have used and abused those residents as a vote-bank rather than developing the communities,” Abdulah charged. He said the residents have been the target of condemnation over the years to the extent they cannot get jobs because of their address.

He called on citizens to face the reality of what is happening saying there as many faces of the country. “Beetham is not Westmoorings, Sea Lots is not Valsayn North or Valsayn South and Penal/Debe is not Laventille. Unless and until we have economic policies which generate fair and equitable opportunities for every single citizen of this country, so that they are able to earn a decent living and develop themselves to their full human potential, there will be many incidents like what happened in Beetham.”

Meanwhile, Abdulah said the MSJ stands in solidarity with the 150 information technology technicians working with the Ministry of Education and whose contracts have not been renewed. “First of all it is unacceptable to have crucial jobs like this being filled on contract as they should be permanent jobs.“

He said, in today’s world technology is central to everything and particularly in learning and teaching. He denounced the fact that contracts have come to an end and the ministry is now starting a process of re-evaluation.

“This process should have been put right many years ago where teachers are given permanent positions so that their future would be secured as workers.

He also expressed concern about workers at the University of Trinidad and Tobago who have been threatened with massive lay-offs by the university’s administration.


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