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Monday 23 July 2018
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San Francique students star at Scotia Kiddy Cricket awards

San Francique Presbyterian students Riyadh Mohammed, left, and Mathias Ramhit with Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket mascot Chirpy.

San Francique Presbyterian copped the lion’s share of awards at the Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket Academic Component 2017 Closing Ceremony and Awards held at the Kam Po Vibes Banquet Hall in Chaguanas, yesterday.

Primary school participants in the programme were rewarded for their achievements in various categories including creative writing, poem, art, craft, song and skit, while two students were quizzed on their cricket knowledge. The categories allowed the participants to learn the game of cricket by taking part in fun activities. San Francique Presbyterian was named the top school ahead of Bamboo Settlement Government.

President of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) Azim Bassarath praised Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket for helping children learn through play.

“To the casual observer, this programme is about play. To the initiated, it is about learning and skill-acquisition through play. All educationists and education theorists have stressed in their theories that play is one of the most powerful medicines through which children learn,” Bassarath said.

“Through play, higher intellectual processes are always at work. The brain is constantly comparing and contrasting, discriminating, selecting and applying, analysing and synthesising, evaluating and strategising, critical thinking and problem solving – all qualities necessary for success in life. Through this higher intellectual juggling, planning and organising skills are derived and positive intellectual traits are developed.”

Students of Ghandi Memorial Vedic pose with Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket mascot Chirpy. In the front row are Savir Nandoo, left, and Alka Persad. In the back are Shalini Boodoo, left, and Aneesa Mohan.

Peter Ghany, director of Scotiabank Foundation, spoke about the bank’s commitment to the programme. Ghany said, “We continue to invest in initiatives that allow young people to discover and reach their full potential. The Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket Programme is one such initiative. It represents not only our commitment to the sport of cricket, but also the development of the youth of our country.”


1 Kaelynn Dipchand (Tulsa Trace Hindu)
2 Arya Lal (Dayanand Memorial Vedic)
3 Saleem Ali (New Grant Government), Alyssa Sonoo (Grant Memorial Presbyterian)
5 Zaied Hosein (Cunaripo Presbyterian)

1 Kavir Jogie (Aranguez Hindu)
2 Amoy Birbalsingh (Cunaripo Presbyterian)
3 Chelsea Caton (Cunaripo Presbyterian), Alka Persad (Ghandi Memorial Vedic)
5 Reginald Mohammed (Tulsa Trace Hindu), Kavir Bharrathsingh (Montrose Vedic)

1 Riyadh Mohammed (San Francique Presbyterian)
2 Aryana Nanan (Grant Memorial Presbyterian)
3 Dhanish Carpen (Bamboo Settlement Government), Nirvana Lochansingh (San Francique Hindu)
5 Karissa Sampson (Libertville TML)

1 Mathias Ramhit (San Francique Presbyterian), Dhanish Carpen (Bamboo Settlement Government)
3 Ariana Tipal (Penal Rock Road Presbyterian)
4 Ajay Nandlal (Macaulay Government Primary)
5 Priya Samaroo (Libertville TML), Chelsea-Marie Teemul (Curepe Presbyterian), Christon Andrews (Cunaripo Presbyterian)

1 San Francique Presbyterian
2 San Francique Hindu
3 Montevideo Government
4 Curepe Presbyterian
5 Cunaripo Presbyterian

1 Bamboo Settlement Government
2 Montrose Vedic
3 San Francique Presbyterian

1 Brendon Ramlal (San Francique Presbyterian)
2 Sharon Jainarine (Bamboo Settlement Government)
3 Brenda Soodeen (Cunaripo Presbyterian)

1 San Francique Presbyterian
2 Bamboo Settlement Government
3 Cunaripo Presbyterian, Grant Memorial Presbyterian
5 Ghandi Memorial Vedic

Bamboo Settlement Government

Alejandro Gomez/Joshua Eversley (San Fernando Boys RC)
Ghanashyaam Jagadeesh/Caden Gayah (Grant Memorial Presbyterian)

Finals Runners-up
Nathan Sagar/Ishant Roopnarine (Specialist Learning Centre)

Aneesa Mohan, Savir Nandoo (Ghandi Memorial Vedic)


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