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Saturday 20 July 2019
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Lydians go on the mount

The Lydian Singers
The Lydian Singers


The Lydian Singers begins the Season of Christmas music at the Abbey of Our Lady of Exile at Mount St Benedict on Sunday. Lydians on the Mount –In Holy Songs of Joy! will be the third concert in a series which was created specifically for the church.

In 1991, the Lydians were invited by long-standing Lydian and bass vocalist, Selwyn Ragoonanan, to perform on the mount. By his account, the first time that the choir’s former musical director, the late Dr Pat Bishop, went to the mount, she took an immediate liking to the church and fell in love with the acoustics and its holy serenity, which she thought was perfect for the lush choral sound of the Lydians.

Over 65 singers, pan players, drummers and musical accompanists will assemble under the musical direction of Lorraine Granderson, within the holy walls of the Abbey.

Tomorrow's presentation, Hold Out Your Light, is inspired by light prevailing over darkness expressed through the iconic example of the abolitionist and humanitarian Harriet Tubman, who led hundreds of the enslaved to freedom by the light of her lamp through the underground railroad. These Negro Spiritual songs performed by the Lydians, will speak directly to that hope Tubman gave to many.

Hold Out Your Light will also feature all the Lydians’ Christmas favourites, including gospel, jazz, parang and calypso, set to spectacular lighting effects by North Eleven, with lighting design by Celia Wells and set design by Hybrid Theory Productions’ Dave Cooper. Sound design will be done by Kino Alvarez and his team with costume design by Ian Smith and Claudette Edwards, choreography by Allison Seepaul and Adele Bynoe, creative direction by Wendell Manwarren and words by Muhammad Muwakil.

The concert season continues at Queen’s Hall from December 14 to 16 at 7.30 pm and on December 17 at 6 pm.

For more info: email info@thelydianstt.com or www.thelydianstt.com or 268-9556, 338-6024.

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