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Monday 16 July 2018
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Prison officer’s daughter not grazed by bullet

Prison Commissioner William Alexander insisted yesterday, that contrary to media reports, the 11-year-old daughter of prison officer Nigel Daniel was not grazed by a bullet which went through a window of her Belmont home on Saturday night.

He said the bullet struck the window and fell onto her abdomen which resulted in her suffering a small scar. Alexander said Belmont police were working on information that gang members may have been randomly shooting in the area and that resulted in a stray bullet entering Daniel’s house.

He said, in the interim, he decided to ensure Daniel and his family’s safety and they are being housed at an undisclosed location. Alexander has also arranged a meeting with the Belmont police to ascertain if Daniel was the target on Saturday and, if so, what new measures could be put in place to avoid any further danger to him and his family.

Yesterday, President of the Prison Officers Association Ceron Richards said he and his executive were planning for tomorrow’s meeting with the Attorney General and Minister of National Security to continue discussions on how to deal with issues affecting prison officers.

“This whole situation, which is continuing, needs management at all the various levels, but, most importantly, from Government in order to arrest and take control of the situation. The Government has to be very decisive and we are saying the time has come for us to implement laws for the protection of law-enforcement officers in this country.”


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