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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Address workplace sexual abuse in TT

THE EDITOR: I add my voice to the condemnation of sexual abuse in the workplace which is finally being brought to the forefront with a high-profile case recently reported in the media. Cases such as these need to be fully investigated and justice needs to be served.

For too long, powerful people (particularly powerful men) have been allowed to get away with using their power of “fire and hire” to demand and force sex on women and in some instances on young men who are in their employ or seeking employment.

Sexual harassment is not only confined to the workplace but extends to so many (too many) other areas of society. Victims brave enough to report it are not believed or ignored or in many instances the perpetrators use their power and connections to have the reports and evidence “disappear.” This must stop.

We need to recognise that this has been an ongoing problem over the years and goes to the heart of a society too easily distracted and accepting of the injustice being meted out by those with power over their subordinates. Sexual harassment is too easily accepted and ignored.

We must stand with the victims. We must demand that the organisations involved be responsible for ensuring that a fair and unbiased investigation is undertaken; that the victims are given a voice and that justice is served in the end.

Angostura is a respected organisation, a leader in the business world with great success on the international stage. I ask Angostura to lead the way in the fight against sexual harassment in the workplace and elsewhere.

I ask the company to ensure that an independent investigation is conducted into the charges levelled against a company executive. This will guarantee an unbiased hearing for both the accuser and the accused.

I ask Angostura, by its actions, to convey its support for victims of sexual harassment and to let them know that their voices will be heard.

I ask it to be a true leader with strong ethics in the workplace.



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