Disheartened by attacks on Clarke

THE EDITOR: As a proud Trinidadian I am disheartened to see the comments on Facebook and other social media against Yvonne Clarke and her choice of outfits at the Miss Universe pageant events.

She has stated that her wardrobe is principally by local designers, which I think is quite exceptional and which she has proudly showcased at the various events. Rather than being ridiculed by the public, she should be commended for sharing with the world what is ours.

Prior to this, during the controversy with the franchise holder, Clarke was also criticised by some people as not having the “ideal look” for a Miss Universe delegate.

A woman can only take so much. In a competition like Miss Universe one should only have to focus on winning, with 100 per cent support from a small country such as TT.

In my opinion, Clarke is a strong, beautiful, intelligent and eloquent woman who, despite all of the negativity, keeps her head high and is focused on bringing home the crown to us.

If we persist with this mentality, it can prevent a lot of young women who have the potential to successfully represent us in the future from even thinking of participating in such events.



"Disheartened by attacks on Clarke"

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