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Monday 16 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Teach the citizens about nationhood

THE EDITOR: Once again I appeal to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and the rank and file of the PNM to sensitise the nation on the need to understand the origin and evolution of our republic to nationhood status.

However, it is important to note that a reflective perspective on nationhood cannot be enough. We must also take note of our current reality in the context of understanding the true meaning of nationhood.

I have said it before and will repeat my conviction now. Our leaders have to develop and implement strategies to bring the nation together by way of applying better communication methods. The current political directorate is not adequately highlighting the challenges the nation faces and the imperatives which must be pursued to set things right. Opportunities and political education for all levels of the society to express concerns and solutions must be made available. Too many people are unaware of what it takes to develop a buoyant society and economy. We must fix this.

Although the 2030 initiative will be a good medium for sensitising the promotion of a national ideology among citizens of our country as well as an opportunity for our political, labour, economic, religious, and social leaders to inculcate, by way of example, in all citizens healthy, productive, and ethical values for the benefit of all, it will fall short if the Government does not allocate considerable effort and resources to seriously have citizens — old and young — internalise what it is really all about and also what outcomes will do for us as a people. Slogans alone will not be sufficient.

Nation building has always been about growth and development with an eye to the future. Unfortunately, our nation was allowed to go on auto pilot in the past. With the 2030 programme, we must decide that never again should our ideology be laissez-faire and individualistic.

The Government alone cannot bring law and order, integrity, morality, productivity, and prosperity to a nation. These imperatives are collective mandates. The Government, as facilitator, has to enlist the home, the religious and political organisations, the school, the media, and the arts in this ongoing initiative. Indeed, I seek a nation-building renaissance.

Finally, it must be accepted that nationhood is everybody’s business; that government as well as all the socialising institutions of the society must seize the opportunity to articulate and keep alive the ideology which will empower and drive the nation forward to achieve what must be achieved to steer and keep TT away from that destructive path it has taken since independence.


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