Taylor calls for respect for local refs

Keith Look Loy
Keith Look Loy

President the Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association (TTFRA) Joseph Taylor, says that respect must be shown to all involved in local football, in particular the referees.

Taylor was speaking following the situation where a referee was verbally attacked during a TT Super League match between the “Big Cannons” FC Santa Rosa and Guaya United FC at the Arima Velodrome on November 5.

President of the TT Super League and FC Santa Rosa coach Keith Look Loy, and FC Santa Rosa assistant coach Jovan Rochford, were irked at the manner in which referee Cecile Hinds dealt with a collision between Santa Rosa attacker Rashad Griffith and Guaya United FC goalkeeper Shane Mattis. Look Loy and Rochford were removed from the sidelines by Hinds.

FC Santa Rosa have since issued an apology to the TTFRA for the reaction by their coaches towards the referee during the Super League match.

Taylor said refereeing is a difficult job and it is challenging to encourage young referees to join the profession. “Refereeing is a difficult job and we are constrained because we have a challenge of getting new and younger people coming (into the profession).”

Taylor said everyone must respect each other’s role in football as this will lead to progress in the sport. “When we look at professional leagues such as the English Professional League, the Italian Professional League and the Mexican League then we will see that they have standards. If we call ourself a professional league or a semi-professional league we must have standards. Even if you don’t feel that you are being treated fairly there are processes to follow and I think that is how we have to address it. If we are to work together we must make sure that we respect each other’s role and address it (when problems arise).”

The apology issued by Look Loy to the TTFRA stated, “I write regarding the incident and referee’s incident report in the match played between FC Santa Rosa and Guaya United FC on 5 November 2017.

“FC Santa Rosa is of the view that the referee in charge of the match, Cecile Hinds, was dangerously slow in her handling of two head collisions involving Santa Rosa players. The second collision resulted in our player being taken to the hospital unconscious. This provoked an undesirable response from Santa Rosa personnel, including its coaches.”

The letter continued, “FC Santa Rosa disputes certain details of the referee’s incident report but, nonetheless, we wish to apologise to Miss Hinds and to the TTFRA for the insulting language directed to her by myself and Jovan Rochford.

The match was almost at an end, without confrontation between Santa Rosa and the referee, when this incident occurred. We were angry about her handling of the head collisions and emotions boiled over. We should have maintained self control. I would appreciate it if you would communicate the sincere apologies of both coaches and the club to Miss Hinds.”

Griffith is currently recovering from his concussion and is due to visit a doctor tomorrow. Officials of Santa Rosa are hoping that after medical clearance he will rejoin FC Santa Rosa in training on Thursday.


"Taylor calls for respect for local refs"

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