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Monday 23 July 2018
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A home for Christmas

ALL GONE: Judy Mason whose Mayaro home was destroyed by fire one week ago leaving her and her husband and four children homeless.


A home for Christmas. This is the only wish of 43-year-old Mayaro mother Judy Mason whose home was gutted by fire one week ago. Her four children, including a ten-month-old, were rescued from the burning house by four workers of the Southern Maintenance Services Company who were passing the Balata East, Bristol Village house while on their way to work.

“All we want is a home for Christmas, that’s all. We lost everything and we have nowhere to go. Please I am begging anyone who could help me build back my house or even if the authorities could give us a home, I would be so thankful,” a tearful Mason told Newsday yesterday.

Police said the fire started at the front of the house at 11 am. At the time, Mason was not at home having gone to purchase groceries. The children were left in the care of their 58-year-old father Kenny Moore. Police reported that Moore was in his garden at the back of the house and was unaware of the fire. Mason said she had left to run some errands, just a few minutes before, when she got the news that her house was on fire.

Jerome Hassanali, 40; Rossie Gunpat, 34; Tevin Straker, 25; and Jason De Gannes, 38, were heading back to their workplace when they saw the burning house. They rescued ten-month-old Kennedy; seven-year-old Kaithlyn; Kerry, 11; and Kerry-Anne,12. However two of the family’s dogs died in the blaze. The men, who have been hailed as heroes in the village, have since visited Mason and have promised to assist in whatever way they can.

The children are staying by a relative in Rio Claro while Mason is staying in Mayaro. “When I go to visit my children they cry and ask me ‘Mummy when would we be going back home?’. They don’t understand that the house was burnt down. I just wish I can be able to give them that gift for Christmas. This would really be the best gift a mother could ask for her children.” Anyone wishing to help the family can contact Newsday’s south office at 653-7195.


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