Abdulah returns as MSJ leader

David Abdulah
David Abdulah


Veteran trade unionist David Abdulah will serve another three-year term as political leader of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ).

This follows the party’s nomination day exercise on Friday at the MSJs office, St Joseph Road, San Fernando.

The process was a precursor to the party’s executive election but at the close of nominations at 4 pm, all 12 positions up for grabs, including that of political leader, were contested unopposed.

This development renders the November 19 executive election null and void.

“There is no need for elections because none of the positions were contested. Everybody went up unopposed,” Abdulah told Sunday Newsday.

He said according to the MSJs constitution, the party’s election committee will report to the national congress about the outcome of nominations, next Sunday.

The congress, in turn, will ratify the decisions of the report of the elections committee.

On his return to the MSJs helm, Abdulah said: “It is an affirmation by the membership that they would like me to continue with the team.”

He said, however, there was much work to be done between now and 2020, when the party will contest the general election due that year.

“That is what we have to gear ourselves up for.”

In a statement on Friday, the MSJ confirmed there also were no changes to the positions of chairman (Gregory Fernandez) general secretary (Ozzi Warwick) and international relations officer (Clyde Callender).

The MSJ also announced changes in some portfolios.

Melissa Aguillera-Greig moved from party organiser to social services officer while Franka James went from elections officer to treasurer.

Ernest Kesar moved from social services officer to elections officer and Radahka Gualbance, who held the position of deputy chairman, is now the deputy political leader.

New additions to the national executive include Alania Bachan (public relations officer); Charlene Tang (assistant general secretary); Theophilus Henry (party organiser); and Kevon Agostini (education officer).

Abdulah said the new team reflected a good balance.

“We have young people, women, people from different backgrounds and some new people coming in which will generate some new ideas and some new energy. I think we have a very well-balanced team to take us forward for the next three years.”


"Abdulah returns as MSJ leader"

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