TSTT denies CWU’s corruption claims

The Communications Workers Union (CWU) is calling on TSTT to fire three executives over alleged corrupt practices involving a US$5.4 million deal, signed in 2015, for Oracle software products. However, TSTT says there was no forensic audit and is flatly disputing the union’s claims.

CWU general secretary Clyde Elder claimed TSTT’s CEO and the head of its legal department knew of the deal, which was the subject of a forensic audit, yet no punitive action was ever taken against anyone.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Elder claimed he received documents which revealed TSTT entered into the deal with Fujitsu (Caribbean) Ltd for the procurement of Oracle products and services without following proper procurement policies, practices and procedures.

In response, TSTT said it was “alarmed at the magnitude of the misinformation and defamatory nature of the material the CWU is disseminating in the pursuit of its agenda to hinder TSTT’s development work to transform the organisation.”

TSTT said no forensic audit was carried out in relation to the universal licence agreement (ULA) with Oracle. “For its own internal purposes, the management of TSTT on its own initiative, commissioned an audit to have its processes re-examined,” TSTT said.

The US$5.4 million cheque for Fujitsu (Caribbean), Elder said, was signed off on September 30, 2015, and remains in force for three years. TSTT said before entering into the ULA, Oracle was already a supplier of software licences to TSTT.

Elder said he is sending a letter to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley calling for an intervention, as TSTT is a state-owned company. In addition, Elder said he will forward documents to the Fraud Squad for whatever action the police deem necessary.

Elder is claiming the final report of an audit,submitted on April 18, 2016, found the transaction was not in keeping with procurement guidelines, as tenders were allegedly not invited, nor was a waiver of tender completed to acquire the ULA.

TSTT says it is also”gravely inaccurate” to condemn TSTT’s management, who received the approval of the board for the transaction.

“It must be emphasised therefore, that neither the CEO nor any other executive management of TSTT could conclude the universal licence agreement on their own.”


"TSTT denies CWU’s corruption claims"

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