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Friday 13 December 2019
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Mother thanks Good Samaritans

ON FIRE: The burning house at Bristol Village, Mayaro, from which four men rescued four children.
ON FIRE: The burning house at Bristol Village, Mayaro, from which four men rescued four children.


“Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I can’t even begin to say how thankful I am. I don’t know how I would have been able to continue living if I had come home and find out something had happened to my babies in that fire.”

These heartfelt words came from mother of four Judy Mason, 43, whose children were rescued from a burning house in Mayaro by four men on Wednesday morning. The four men, Jerome Hassanali, 40; Rossie Gunpat, 34; Tevin Straker, 25; and Jason Diggans, 38, are workers of Southern Maintenance Services Ltd based in Point Galeota.

They were heading back to the company when they saw the house at Balata East, Bristol Village in Mayaro on fire. The men who are being hailed as heroes, rescued ten-month-old Kennedy; seven-year-old Katilyn; Kerry, 11; and Kerry-Anne,12.

According to police, the fire started at the front of the house at 11 am. At the time, Mason was not at home having gone to purchase items. The children were left in the care of their father Kenny Moore, 58. Police reported that Moore was tending to his garden at the back of the house and was unaware of the fire. Mason said she only stepped out of the house for a few minutes when she got the news. “When I came back home and saw the house burnt to the ground, I began screaming and asking for my babies and husband. I was told by neighbours that four men had rescued them,” Mason said.

She said that she wished to be granted an opportunity to meet these four men and thank them for herself. “I want to see them and let them know how thankful I am. I can’t stop talking about how thankful I am. I really think it was God who sent these men to save my babies,” the tearful woman said.

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