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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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ECA hails public servants

The Employers Consultative Association (ECA) yesterday commended the majority of public servants for the level of maturity and diligence they displayed by showing up to work to serve the people. PSA president Watson Duke called for staff at the Customs and Excise Division and the Board of Inland Revenue to observe two days of rest, in response to plans to transfer them to a propsed Revenue Authority.

The ECA said it strongly condemned such an irresponsible and dangerous call by the PSA, especially given the potential direct and indirect adverse effects on the citizenry. “The reality of economic life today is certainly not conducive to a large-scale work stoppage of this kind. The time has come for us as individuals, leaders of institutions, and civil society to begin to assess the effectiveness of such antiquated strategies within the context of a mature, progressive, 21st-century society,” the ECA said.

It also urged people to be mindful that the Industrial Relations Act is clear on penalties which apply to those who engage in industrial action not in conformity with the procedure outlined.

The ECA said all staff affected by the transition can expect to be absorbed into the new Revenue Authority under terms and conditions “no less favourable” than the current ones. “This is a clear commitment to ensure that no worker is disadvantaged or disrupted in the transition to this much needed authority,” it said.

“Our main focus at this time should be to both individually and collectively take responsibility for creating a sustainable future by first navigating the economic struggle at hand. As a result, our actions should be firmly grounded in this reality and goal.”


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