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Monday 23 July 2018
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Ayana Ife in Project Runway top two

Ayana Ife at the drawing board.

Designer Ayana Ife is one step closer to her dream, after being selected to be one of three Project Runway (PR) Season 16 finalists to showcase a collection at New York Fashion Week 2017 (NYFW).

Though this news was only revealed on the American reality television show on Thursday night, NYFW actually took place in September. And from all reports, Ayana Ife slayed the runway.

A Hollywood Life story stated afterwards: “This NYFW collection had Ayana all over it: flowing, modest dresses in shiny, bold colours, and dreamy shawls. Love it!”

Born Ayana Ife Muhammad to Trinidadian parents Hakim and Ayana Muhammad, the hijabi fashion designer has been causing a buzz on the reality television series. She used the name Ayana Ife, specifically for the show and her clothing label.

Ayana Ife in character pose.

Following Thursday’s show the stakes became higher than ever, with the public questioning if frontrunner Brandon Kee still has it in the bag, or will Ayana Ife ruin his dance party.

Many feel Ayana Ife can do it.

As of yesterday, Kee had odds of 1/2, which translates to a 67 percent chance of winning the competition, but Ayana Ife never received a low score, and she appears to be Kee’s closest competition with 6/1 odds, or a 14 percent chance of winning.

Episode 10 of Project Runway highlights this Unconventional Lexus designed by Ayana

On Thursday’s show when the five finalists were asked by the judges which two of their fellow designers deserved to make the finals, Kee had four picks to Ayana Ife’s three.

Also, for judges Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen, the two were their first picks to go to NYFW.

Ayana Ife held a special Project Runway Season Finale Watch Party in her hometown Salt Lake City, UT, and remained upbeat and optimistic about her chances on winning the competition.

Project Runway Season 16 finalists from Thursday's show are Margarita Alvarez, left, Kenya Freeman, Ayana Ife, Kentaro Kameyama and Brandon Kee.

She said on the show: “I feel like I’m ready for the spotlight and to do what I’m meant to do.”

Ayana Ife, who got her bachelor’s degree in apparel design from Middle Tennessee State University, is one show away from realising her dreams, as the winner will be announced next Thursday at the end of the Season Finale 2.


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