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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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‘Get the bully out’

‘Get the bully out’

Parents shouted, ‘get the bully out’, as they and their children staged a protest yesterday outside the Cushe Government Primary school demanding the Ministry of Education remove a student who the parents claim, has terrorised and abused children.

The parents say this pupil, who was brought to this school after being transferred from the Santa Rita RC school in Rio Claro for bullying, is extremely disruptive and has shown no interest in modifying his deviant behaviour.

“He is doing everything, fighting, using obscene language, and he has even been disrespectful to girls,” one parent said.

“Parents are fed up and we don’t know what else to do.” The parent said the Standard Two pupil, believed to be 12, was transferred from Santa Rita RC in June and has been disruptive ever since.

She said they learnt the boy was a special-needs child. “But if that is the case, we need to get the child in a special school, because when he makes his mischief, he stays at home.” She said parents are often left wondering if the boy will bully their children when their parents are at home or work.

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