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Monday 16 July 2018
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OCIU makes dent in gun, drug trade

Despite being a relatively recent addition to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service’s (TTPS) arsenal in the fight against crime, the Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit (OCIU) has reported numerous successes in disrupting the illegal arms and drug trade since it was formed in September. This, according to a release issued by the TTPS yesterday.

According to figures given in the release, the OCIU–which represents a merger of the Organised Crime and Narcotics Bureau and the Criminal Intelligence Unit–has, thus far, seized approximately 29 kilogrammes of cocaine; 209 kilogrammes of marijuana; two pistols and 123 rounds of assorted ammunition.

The release further stated the Police Service, for the year, has seized 880 firearms.

Noting an emerging trend among drug traffickers who approach people to ship packages on their behalf via courier services, the release warned against assisting unknown persons in the shipment of packages. The release said the posting was usually done for a small fee and people were often arrested for the shipment even though they were unaware of the package’s contents.

“The problem arises when these persons are caught with illegal narcotics belonging to individuals they barely know. The OCIU advises that persons should avoid shipping or mailing packages on behalf of individuals unknown to them or whom they suspect may be involved in some illegal activity.”


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