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Saturday 21 July 2018
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India’s Aswathi to perform here

Malini Awasthi


India's singer/actress Malini Aswathi will be here with a troupe of six artistes who will be doing background vocals and music for a show in celebration of India’s 71st anniversary of the India’s.

Indian High Commissioner to TT Biswadip Dey has invited the group of folk singers/musicians to perform here. Dey says Aswathi has a high-pitched voice which is unique and popular for rendition of thumris (classical love songs).

“This gifted singer is a grade ‘A’ artist of All India Radio, and she was given the opportunity to travel to the USA, UK, Fiji, Mauritius and Holland through the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR),” Dey said.

People who are interested in classical singing and those who enjoy this sort of music will be thrilled by the talent of Aswathi, Dey said.

The Indian troupe will be performing in three free shows with the first taking place on November 10 at the Shri Ram Dhaam headquarters, St Lucien Road, Diego Martin. The show will then move to Divali Nagar on November 11 at 6.30 pm and the final show at the Naparima Boys College, San Fernando, on November 12 at 6.30 pm.

Aswathi was recently selected as brand ambassador of the Bhojpuri Academy of India. She appeared in the film Jai Ho Chhath Maiya’in 2000 as a singer and actress. Some of her recent films are Bhole Shankar, Bam Bole and Agent Vinod.

Awasthi was born in Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh. She studied arts at the Bhatkhande University Lucknow and is married to a senior Indian administrative service officer, Awanish Awasthi. He is currently serving as a principal secretary to the Government of Uttar Pradesh, Department of Information.


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