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Friday 17 August 2018
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Brad Starsky… a musical storm

Brad Starsky with his 12-string guitar.


A chance meeting with Brad Humphrey in Fonrose Village, Poole is another example of how many talented people exist throughout this tiny republic, many of whom are doing their thing without the help of any government or corporate sponsor.

Brad Starsky –that’s his recording name presently – has a song Give You Love on iTunes, Amazon and Shazam. The vibe is definitely Caribbean with an international flavour. This 23-year-old composed, wrote, sang, arranged, produced and recorded the song for himself. He also produced and uploaded an official lyric video for Give You Love which is currently on YouTube.

The quiet storm that is Brad Starsky is very excited about his future. He says he started singing this year but has been playing guitar since he was 12. He took to music after watching his father Kenny play guitar and cuatro and after some time he began teaching himself. With all this music inside and bursting to come forth, Starsky builded a studio in his bedroom and took off in another direction-recording. He is currently working on another.

He says he does not sleep but stays up all night perfecting his craft. Another guitarist/singer/composer who was at Brad’s studio in Poole is Curtis Dickson. Dickson has been around for some time working in Rio Claro. He will be showing Starsky a thing or two. Dickson composes and writes songs in all music genres.

Curtis Dickson

He says it’s a gift from the creator and gives God all the praises for his musical abilities. He is a diminutive musician with a great voice who has recorded several songs before but is now in another stage of his life, having met Starsky. Together they have recorded a song called World of Tomorrow, which Dickson sang and arranged and Starsky produced. Together they can be a powerhouse if channelled properly and we could be hearing great things about these two musicians in the near future.



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