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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Fashion for the modern woman has to appeal to her many moods, the varying nuances of her personality and her unique sense of style. It has to invoke that feeling of self confidence in every possible setting in today’s fast paced society.

As Rehana Khan of K² clothing store in C3 Centre in San Fernando notes, fashion is more than a little black dress for a woman.

Rehana provides her clients with a range of fashion that caters to a woman’s every fashion taste. Describing her clothing, she tells WMN, “It’s a subtle mix of the formal and the informal; from the everyday just-feeling-to-chill moments to the elegant evening, to the formal business look, and even the comfy slightly-naughty look for the gym.”

“We carefully select our styles to fit the modern woman. We don’t just hang clothes on the racks. Every woman wants to have that feeling of self-confidence when she dresses herself and we put a lot of thought into what we stock to capture her imagination.” Rehana says.

Asked what makes her service unique, she says it’s the quality of her customer service… and her wide range of exceptional clothing. “We not only help our clients choose, we also listen to them, so we constantly feel the pulse of what our customers are looking for, and we adapt to meet their needs.”

With a smile, Rehana adds, “And by the way, a woman also wants to feel good about the man at her side. So, a woman can outfit her favourite guy by checking out our men’s line. Yeah, we do men too!


Models: Natalie Sookram, Crystal Charles, Reanna Mohammed, Shania Baboolal
Clothing: K² clothing store, C3 Centre, San Fernando
Location: C3 Centre, San Fernando
Photography: Jeff Mayers


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