Road regulations booklet revised?

THE EDITOR: The road regulations booklet seems to have been updated and revised from the version I used to pass my driving exam several years ago. This new version completely contradicts the original one and allows drivers to do things they were not allowed to do before.

The new version allows drivers to use the shoulders of the highways to beat traffic if they are in a hurry and think they are not putting other road users in serious danger.

I am unable to get my hands on the new booklet but it seems as though drivers are allowed to use their bright lights even though they make it extremely difficult for oncoming drivers to see.

There also seems to be no speed limit in the new updated version. Any speed will do. The faster the better.

It is my hope, though, that the updated version is discontinued and that drivers are encouraged to use the original one because driving is becoming more dangerous.



"Road regulations booklet revised?"

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