TT not immune to terror attacks

THE EDITOR: The terror attack in New York on Tuesday in which eight people were killed and several others injured is a stark reminder that no country is immune to this type of violence.

There is simply no justification for these kinds of acts. They are simply wicked and demonic, perpetrated by people with a misguided concept of life. No one gave life and the taking of it goes against the dictates of our creator, the source of life.

It is important as a country that citizens not be blinded to the reality that we can also fall victims to similar violent acts. Always remember to everything there will be a first time and prevention is always better than cure.

I remind all that being vigilant/aware of our surroundings at all times is important for our own safety. It is our personal responsibility. We cannot leave it up to the authorities. As citizens must do our part.

Also, if there are any suspicious activities, let us use the channels available to alert those in charge. TT belongs to all of us, so let us do our part in the battle against terrorism.



"TT not immune to terror attacks"

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