Help my best friend, please

Dear Reader,

Rhenako Beard is my best friend, we have been best friends from first year infants. We like to play football together but not catch and rescue.

When I returned to school this term, Rhenako was not at school. His mother came in with him at the beginning of October and I was happy to see him but I was surprised to see his hair bald. He told me that he is ill, he has cancer and that he is taking treatment to get better. But I miss him and feel very sad. I want him to feel better soon. He told me to do my work well and he is happy when I do well.

On Saturday, Rhenako’s family will be having a sports and fun day at the Nelson Mandela Park (Port of Spain) from 10 am to 4 pm to get the money to help him do a surgery for him to get better. Please come out and support. There is also an account at the Eastern Credit Union, 90275914, to make any contributions.

RICHARD JOSEPH, student, Rose Hill RC


"Help my best friend, please"

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