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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Green Screen film fest opens tonight

A scene from Ghosts of our Fathers.

Green Screen, the Environmental Film Festival, is set to open today with Death by a Thousand Cuts, a gripping documentary thriller surrounding a murder on the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic (DR).

With stunning cinematography and poignant intimacy, Death by a Thousand Cuts examines the unsolved 2012 murder of a Dominican ranger, amidst the battle to save DR’s protected forests from being depleted by Haitian nationals who scour the hills for fuel. The story is told from several viewpoints, examining the perspectives of people on all sides of the controversy. In doing so it takes on issues of xenophobia, human rights, deforestation, poverty, and shows the catastrophic consequences that can occur as a result. Director Jake Kheel will be present for the screening.

Each year, Green Screen’s opening films set the tone for the festival, with inspiring, eye-opening and relevant movies that foster discussion and action. The opening night screening is its major annual fund-raiser, allowing other scheduled films to be screened for free to the public. The film will be followed by a reception where film fans, activists, policymakers, business people and members of the public can chat and network.

Death by a Thousand Cuts opens the Green Screen Film Festival at Digicel Imax tonight.

The festival runs until November 10 with free screenings, panel discussions, guest film-makers and special events. The festival’s theme is In Deep, signifying the urgency of the need to take action, in the face of climate disasters in our region, for a more sustainable future.

Green Screen’s opening night screening of Death by a Thousand Cuts takes place at 6 pm at Digicel Imax. Admission is $200.

There will be three showings of Jago –a Life Underwater for school students at Digicel IMAX tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday at 10 am. For more info: greenscreentt.com.



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