Who the ’cuff fits, let them wear it

THE EDITOR: The people of TT have been through a political and economic roller coaster over the last seven years. The country is still in the process of settling in the minds of the citizens the net effect of the reign of the former United National Congress (UNC) administration.

While there were mountains of allegations with regard to corruption and mismanagement, no one was actually being held accountable. In this regard the population felt powerless but now that matters are in the hands of the police there is a sense of hope for justice.

Corruption reaches into the piggy banks of our children and therefore all office holders who steal from the public purse must face the courts. No one is above the law and it seems there is no remorse by some politicians who commit dishonourable acts on the Treasury.

We are not happy to be in this position that requires us to adapt to a higher cost of living. While we understand the resultant effect of the fall in world oil prices, we cannot help but be concerned that our taxpayer dollars are used to finance corruption.

The filing of claims in the civil courts with reference to questionable transactions of the former UNC-led People’s Partnership is a first step. The citizens are now waiting to see the process result in the type of swift justice that is rolled out to the less privileged lawbreakers in our society.

The People’s National Movement government must be commended for its forensic work in gathering the evidence that can be handed over to the police. A conscious effort is the only way for citizens to get justice. We are now looking on, hoping we can recover our money lost in any corrupt transactions and whoever the ’cuff fits, let them wear it.



"Who the ’cuff fits, let them wear it"

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