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Saturday 7 December 2019
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Scotland elated, humbled at national schol award

 Lloyen Scotland, winner of an Additional scholarship for General Studies in the CAPE 2017 exam
Lloyen Scotland, winner of an Additional scholarship for General Studies in the CAPE 2017 exam

Lloyen Scotland, winner of an Additional scholarship for General Studies in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination 2017 (CAPE) exam, said she was quite surprised to learn of her achievement, but also quite elated and humbled by the news.

“Well I am quite elated. I cannot believe that I won a national scholarship, but I am most humbled by it. It was the journey that was exciting for the most part. My growth and my passion has made me proud of myself,” Scotland said in an interview.

“My parents, relatives and teachers were quite proud and overjoyed. Many of them became emotional over my success and I know that all my supporters over the years can see that their encouragement didn’t go in vain,” she said.

Scotland, who is from Union Street, Roxborough, is also pleased to have made her community proud.

“I have had all my development in the Roxborough environment, I went to Head Start Montessori, then to Roxborough Anglican primary, then to Roxborough Secondary and I am pleased to make my community proud,” she said.

“Bishops High School has also helped me to become more mature and grow as a young lady. This scholarship is a reflection of sacrifice, determination and drive. I must thank the creator most of all, because without that Spiritual aspect I would not have functioned to maintain mentally strong,” she said.

Scotland, who did her CAPE exams at Bishops High School, was one of four students from the school who were awarded national scholarships. Other recipients of scholarships are Keizel Hayling who won an Open scholarship for Mathematics, Safiya James, who also won an Open scholarship, this time for Natural Sciences and Phia Rochford who won an Additional scholarship in Natural Sciences.

Scotland said she got the news of her scholarship via social media, and was also getting congratulatory messages even before she knew about it.

“A link of the Newsday newspaper was sent to me and I saw for myself. I was quite surprised,” she said.

Scotland said her focus more on learning and broadening her knowledge of subjects she had done at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate exam (CSEC) rather than on getting a scholarship.

“I wasn’t sure about getting the scholarship. My focus in reality wasn’t really on the scholarship, but it was about love and the passion for my subjects areas, my love for learning and me wanting to broaden my knowledge of the subjects I did at CSEC level,” she said.

“This scholarship is not only a representation of academic discipline but one of love for learning and being appreciative of knowledge. I must thank all my teachers who have ever taught me, my parents and my relatives, church members and my community of Roxborough,” she said.

And it’s based on this focus that she offers advice to fellow students:

“I hope that students with a drive, a love or even a passion for something, they should continue to pursue it despite the odds.”

Scotland plans to further her studies, continuing unto university to study psychology “because it’s my love and my passion and I wish to pursue just that.”

“My inspiration is for me always wanting to find the value in the work that I do and to feel fulfilled by whatever I was doing.

The best part is what I have learnt and what I have become and how I have grown as a result,” she said, advising others to pursue their passion, whether it be music, art, academics or technical studies.

“They should persevere,” she advised.

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